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About Imatrix Furniture

We are the Leading Manufacturers of Furniture in Wood and Stainless Steel. Imatrix furniture - Office interior equipment for professional and collective spaces. As owner - operated company we know the demands and expectations towards contemporary office equipment and furnishings, from the single workplace up to the executive office, from the smallest solution all the way up to the manufacture. Starting from the raw material purchasing, up to the technologies and the manufacturing process, we implement and achieve the highest quality standards.

Our Process

To meet the needs of our customers we have a unique business model and value chain. It includes product development, design, supply, manufacture and sales. And of course, it starts and ends with our customers.



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Furniture items are generally made of solid wood, hardwood, plywood or veneer which say about the wood quality. It is always best to go with solid hardwood as it contains wood as single piece naturally. Plywood is made of layers of cut wood and is slightly of a lower density than solid wood. You can assess this by looking at the exposed surface of furniture showing the inner raw wood. If at all you want to buy furniture item made of plywood, make sure it has at least 9 layers so that it is durable. You can also go with veneers as it does not wear easily. Veneers can be thick or thin. With thick veneers, there is a chance of peeling away or separating easily. Hence it is better to go with thin ones.  Make sure that the piece is not made of sawdust/Timber Composite.

Stainless steel is resistant to high temperatures, does not fall for corrosion and is really easy to clean. That’s why it is so common in our kitchens and can be found in the cutlery we use or in the form of a kitchen sink. That is also the reason why commercial kitchens often choose to use stainless steel kitchen equipment and furniture. Thanks to its durability, stainless steel prep table and stainless steel work bench will serve you for many years to come. By investing in high-quality stainless steel furniture you will surely save yourself trouble, time and money. Almost all of our stainless steel table bases are made from 304 grade stainless steel, which is also known as “food grade” stainless steel because it is easy to sanitize.  Another common type of stainless steel is called 316 grade, or marine grade stainless steel. Generally speaking, the higher the number, the more corrosion resistant the metal. 316 stainless steel is commonly called “marine grade” because it is more resistant. A less common type of stainless steel is called 204 grade stainless, which is what we use for our height-adjustable Lift Series. 200 series stainless steels have less nickel than 300 series stainless, and more manganese. This results in a metal that can actually be stronger, but is a bit less corrosion resistant.

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