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Stainless Steel Imatrix Furniture

Kitchen Base Cabinet

Stainless steel 304 base cabinet is suitable for all kinds of kitchen work zones. These stainless steel modules integrate seamlessly with all types of worktops/platforms and accessories. What’s more, stainless steel 304 kitchen cabinets are also compatible with a variety of accessories and are available in multiple standard heights, depths, and variable widths. Our stainless steel modules are a perfect fit for the Indian style of cooking as they provide convenience, and make cleaning fast and easy.



  • 560 x 720 mm

  • 560 x 780 mm

  • 560 x 810 mm


  • 200 mm

  • 300 mm

  • 450 mm

  • 500 mm

  • 600 mm

  • 750 mm

  • 800 mm

  • 900 mm

  • 1000 mm

  • 1050 mm

  • 1100 mm

  • 1200 mm

  • Concealed hinges for shutters with a provision of shelf supports at variable heights

  • Draw systems, Make- Blum- Meta Box, Tandem Box, Antaro, Intivo, Legra Box, Hettich, Multi-Tech, Innotech, Quadro Channels, Telescopic channels for wired baskets, Grass Hardware, Ebco, and many more

  • All hardware conforming to system 32


  • Stainless steel cabinets in 304 grade 22 gauge are strong & sturdy

  • Kitchen layout can be assembled with strong and everlasting eco-friendly steel

  • Can be disassembled and reassembled any number of times without wear and tear

  • Modular kitchen carcasses/cabinets, in standard international sizes

  • Easy to arrange cabinets as per the layout of the 5 work zones of a kitchen

  • Easy to install-limited tools required

  • Easy provision made for running LPG piping, electricity wires for inner lighting, touch-to-open devices for high-end kitchens


  • Hardware upscale as required

  • Perfect symmetry with right angles after installation

  • Base, corner, tall, and wall cabinets for all applications

  • Provision for sink and gas hob cavity between two cross members

  • Made for the perfect alignment

  • Easy fitment of cabinet fixing screws

  • Lay any platform of choice with high stability

  • Perfect functionality of hardware due to the high precision of predrilled holes

  • The speed of installing with easy hand-held power tools at the site

  • Choice of creating provision for a thread for machine screws at hardware fixing points


  • Longest lasting, pest-free (including termites), germ and fungus free

  • Change functional hardware as and when budget permits

  • The product of choice for very humid conditions, suiting the Indian way of cooking

  • Change  the color of fronts after years to refurbish

  • Retrofitting of hardware for over a period, for enhancement in functions, without disturbing the platform

  • Carpenters’ manual errors can be avoided

  • Provides clear-cut precision holes with guidelines to installers

  • Change shelf and drawer heights as per your requirement

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