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Leather Manager Chair

  • The Chair Has Extra Padding on The Seat, Back and Armrests for Extra Comfort

  • Cushioned plastic handle

  • We Conduct Several Tests on The Products on Various Parameters Such As Raw Material, Finish, Polish, Sturdiness and Durability To Ensure That These Products Are In Conformance with International Standard

  • Gas-lift mechanism; Center tilt mechanism

  •  office chair by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin from London and made of aluminum, steel, and plastic frames with a wide variety of upholstery options. Its high performance and dual suspension gives a user total spinal support and provide enough personal balance and dynamic fit. It is built with ergonomics principles in mind to offer great value and comfort at an affordable price. The Lino chair is mostly visible in a working environment such as offices, home offices, co-working spaces, and conference rooms for visitors and guests. It is relaxing and can fit into small places and its materials have a limited effect on the environment.



  • Comfort. The first major advantage is that leather chairs tend to be more padded than other materials like mesh or fabric coverings. ...

  • Durability.- Office chairs made from cheap materials tend to crack and tear easily, which can make the overall look of your office appear cheap and unsightly. 

  • Stain resistance- Another major benefit of purchasing leather chairs is their resistance to stains and spills. No matter how careful you are, spilling food or a drink on your chair is inevitable, especially if you have children around.

  • Adjustability-Adjustability and customization options are one of the most important features that your chair should have. Almost all chairs allow you to adjust the height so that you can work comfortably no matter how high or low your desk is

  • Lumbar Support- Your chair must come with excellent lumbar support so that you can maintain your posture and prevent unnecessary fatigue and sprains in your back and legs.

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