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TV Unit

  • A well-crafted TV unit is an elegant piece of furniture on its own. A focal point of the living room furniture, the TV cabinet enhances the viewing experience. Our multifunctional TV cabinets are good for storage, display and utilize spaces better.

  • TV unit is an essential piece of furniture in any home. Available in various styles ranging from elegant and classic to minimal, TV units today serve a bigger purpose than just housing your TV. It can also be used to store/display other items like books, CDs, game consoles and decor articles.


Width                  Height

55"121cm         68.5cm

60"133cm         75cm

65"136.5cm      81cm

70"155cm         87.5cm

75"166cm         93.5cm



  • Free up floor space.

  • Watch from a more comfortable position.

  • Increased safety.

  • Stylish.

  • Better home organization.

  • Portability.

  • Final Thoughts.

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