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Vanity Cabinet

  • A bathroom vanity is simply a bathroom cabinet that is built to accommodate a bathroom sink, or multiple sinks. Under the sink itself, the bathroom vanity will often double as a way to hide unsightly pipes and plumbing from the sink, with the remaining space typically used for additional bathroom storage

  • A bathroom vanity is a combination of a sink and the storage structure around it. In addition to storage, it also hides exposed plumbing to keep things looking more neat and tidy.

  • Vanities come in six basic types: pedestal, free-standing, floating, vessel, under-mounted sink and cabinet.


Standard bathroom vanities are generally available in the following widths (presented here in inches): 24, 30, 36, 48, 60, and 72.



  • Vanities mounted on a wall give an illusion of space.

  • It's easier to clean under a wall-hung vanity unit. 

  • You can fit a vanity on the wall to suit your height. 

  • Wall mounted vanity units are an efficient use of space.

  • Added storage areas are provided.

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